Test test 

As towns and whole countries shut down in order to “flatten the curve” of outbreaks of the coronavirus, we are at risk of choosing the wrong analogy for what we collectively need to do in these perilous times. “Waging a war” is the most deceptively alluring analogy for mobilizing private and public resources to meet a present danger. We should, however, resist that allure.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a time of great stress for all, but on the other side, it also creates time for reflection to build a more positive future. Here are a few examples of how peace organisations are raising awareness of the impact of Covid-19 and challenging militarised responses to it.

In recent months, states around the world have had to respond to the unprecedented challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the next edition of The Broken Rifle, we want to explore the militarised aspects of this response. Read here to contribute.

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