Hallel Rabin

Israel: Refuser Hallel Rabin imprisoned again

Israeli conscientious objector Hallel Rabin, 19, was imprisoned again last week, following her refusal to serve in the military. This is Hallel's fourth imprisonment and she was sentenced to more 10 days in military prison. Hallel has already spent 40 days behind the bars in three separate terms.

An activist dressed in a suit holds a protest sign in front of an arms exhibitor

"Death market": World Without War take action at DX Korea arms fair

Activists from the South Korean organisation World Without War have taken direct action inside the DX Korea arms fair, targetting companies associated with the war in Yemen, the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, and human rights abuses in West Papua.

A number of Korean activists stand behind a large banner holding signs

Korean water cannon used against democracy protesters in Thailand

Water cannon produced by the South Korean company Jino Motors has been photographed being used against pro-democracy protesters in Thailand.