Members of WRI take action at the ADEX arms fair in Korea, 2015

War Resisters' International begins building an Asia Peace Network

In late 2022, WRI launched an initiative to develop a regional network of peace workers, pacifists and antimilitarists in Asia.

An Accuracy International sniper rifle

War profiteer profile: Accuracy International

Accuracy International is a British company based in Portsmouth, specialising in the production of high-end, hand built, precision sniper rifles and associated equipment.

Two people holding banners during a protest

After 120 days in prison Shahar and Evyatar finally have been released

As reported by Mesarvot and the Refuser Solidarity Network, in mid-February, Shahar Schwartz and Evyatar Moshe Rubin were released after 120 days in prison and received an exception to military service. However, the refuser Nave Shabtay Levin (19 y/o) is still incarcerated, after being sentenced to an additional 45 days in prison.

Webinar poster

Webinar: Conscientious Objection in Times of War: Eritrea

The webinar series “Conscientious Objection to military service in times of war” continues with a new session focusing on Eritrea and the war in Tigray. The third webinar will take place on March 23rd at 4pm Geneva time and will host campaigners of the Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights and Surbana – Voice of Eritrean Refugees.