Tajikistan map

Tajikistan: Three and a half years' jail for "illegal" conscientious objection

Conscientious objector Rustamjon Norov, 22, was jailed despite his offer to perform alternative civilian service for three and a half years, the longest known sentence.

Conscientious objectors Shahar Peretz (left) and Daniel Peldi at an anti-annexation protest in the city of Rosh Ha'ayin June 2020. (Oren Ziv)

Israel: Sixty teens declare refusal to serve in the army

On 5th January, sixty teenagers from Israel published an open letter declaring their refusal to serve in the army in protest of the policies of occupation and apartheid of the Israeli State.

Turkmenistan map

Turkmenistan: Conscientious objector jailed, awaiting second trial

Arrested in December 2020, 20-year-old conscientious objector Ruslan Artykmuradov is awaiting trial in prison for refusing compulsory military service. He offered to do an alternative civilian service, but Turkmenistan does not offer this, despite repeated United Nations calls.

Two campaigners wearing white overalls hold banners and signs linking war and climate change

Women, war and climate change

What can a feminist lens bring to our understanding of war and to climate change? And, more importantly perhaps, in what ways can feminism help us respond?