Covid-19: Calls for 'healthcare not warfare' from across the world

Infographic by Global Campaign on Military Spending: healthcare not warfare
Infographic by Global Campaign on Military Spending

The Covid-19 pandemic is a time of great stress for all, but on the other side, it also creates time for reflection to build a more positive future.

Below are a few examples of how peace organisations are raising awareness of the impact of Covid-19 and challenging militarised responses to it.

In the USA, our affiliate War Resisters League have singed a petition alongside 60 organisations demanding that 'Congress: No More COVID-19 Money For the Pentagon' . See the petition here.

In the UK, our affiliate Peace Pledge Union initiated a campaign and a day of online action: 'Healthcare not Warfare', calling for military budgets to be diverted to tackling Covid 19 and related threats. As part of the day of online action, which took place on 17th April, people of varied ages, backgrounds and beliefs took to social media to post messages, photos and videos spreading the PPU's call for 'healthcare not warfare'. Also in the UK, 19 charities and NGOs, including WRI members the PPU, Fellowship of Reconciliation England, Campaign Against Arms Trade and Conscience–Taxes for Peace Not War, have signed an open letter calling for military budgets to be used to tackle Covid 19. Find more information here.

The Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF) released a number of articles challenging militarised responses to Covid-19 pandemic by states. You can see them here.

The Latin American and Caribbean Antimilitarist Network (RAMALC) has produced two reports documenting militarised responses to the Covid-19 pandemic across Latin America. You can find them (in Spanish) (1) here and (2) here. You can also find a radio talk on the same subject, participated by RAMALC members, here (in Spanish).

Global Days of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) has taken place between April 10 to May 9 with a particular focus on Covid-19. As part of GDAMS, Global Campaign on Military Spending released a number of infographics showcasing the amount spent in war and the military in expense of healthcare. Find more information here:

If you have a campaign or action, please let us know and we share them on our website and social media.


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