War Resisters' Stories: September

Finnish activists protest outside an army recruitment centre
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RAMALC meeting

A call to action: 4th International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth

This November, activists from all around the world are taking action against the militarisation of young people in their countries, cities and towns.

Join us in this week with your own nonviolent actions, and be part of this global movement resisting the recruitment of young people's minds and bodies into violence. 

The International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth is a concerted effort of antimilitarist actions across the world to raise awareness of the many ways in which violence is promoted to young people, and to give voice to alternatives. The week is coordinated by War Resisters' International.

For more information, visit WRI's antimili-youth.net website.

In September 2017 War Resisters' International members gathered in London to help disrupt preparation for the DSEI - the London arms fair. A week of action had taken place from 4th September, with hundreds of activists disrupting the setup of the fair. Over a hundred people were arrested.

Our friend Howard Clark was Chair of War Resisters' International when he died in 2013. Leeds Beckett University are hosting the first "Howard Clark Memorial Lecture on Nonviolence", which will be presented by George Lakey, an activist, writer, and friend of Howard's. He will speak on the subject "A divided Britain: what can we learn from the Nordics?"

The Antimilitarist Network of Latin America and the Caribbean (RAMALC) will meet in Asunción, Paraguay, 4th - 11th November. The theme will be “Strategies against the militarisation of bodies and territories.”

Stop Aurora!

A clown blockade outside a Swedish military base

Throughout September, the Swedish military is taking part in the largest war games held in the country in decades. Thousands of Swedish troops and NATO countries including United States, Finland, France, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and Denmark will participate.