Meeting of WRI's network in Latin America and the Carribbean

Members of RAMALC at a meeting in Mexico, 2015
Members of RAMALC at a meeting in Mexico, 2015

The Antimilitarist Network of Latin America and the Caribbean (RAMALC) will meet in Asunción, Paraguay, between the 4th and 11th of November 2017. The meeting will be based around the theme “Strategies against the militarisation of bodies and territories” and is being organised by RAMALC, together with Serpaj-Paraguay, el Movimiento de Objeción de Conciencia MOC-PY and the Grupo de Afinidad Antimilitarista Caracolito.

The meeting will include the following activities:

Visit to Marinakue

The participants will visit the Marinakue/Curuguaty area, and build solidarity with campesinos (peasants) who live there. They will see the impact of militarisation in the area, hear testimony from the communities there, and share experiences of resistance from other countries in the region, to strengthen ties of solidarity.

Internal meeting of the RAMALC network

The RAMALC network will meet to evaluate the past year, and plan activities for the coming year, identify objectives of the network and the activities they will take part in.


There will be three days of training, focused on “training the trainers” with tools for social change, dedicated to participatory methodologies to strengthen group processes and strategies against militarisation in the region, and carrying out street actions.

Street action

During the training, the RAMALC network and other Paraguayan organisations in Asunción will take part in action to denounce the militarisation of bodies and territories. During the action they will use tools and strategies shared during the training.

Public activities

There will also be open meetings and seminars to present the experience of RAMALC and the experiences of resistance from different countries in the region.

Read more information in Pelao Carvallo's artcile Militarización en Paraguay

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