Actions against the DSEI arms fair, and WRI Council, London, September 2017

A die-in at DSEI 2017
A die-in at DSEI 2017

In September 2017 War Resisters' International members gathered in London to help disrupt preparation for the DSEI - the London arms fair. A week of action had taken place from 4th September, with hundreds of activists disrupting the setup of the fair. Over a hundred people were arrested. You can read a summary of some of the actions in this article in War Profiteers News.

Festival of Resistance

On 9th September War Resisters' International joined Campaign Against Arms Trade's festival of resistance, in which three WRI members were arrested for blocking the road into the arms fair to delay the fair set up. WRI members also gave talks and speeches. You can hear what Moses and Jungmin had to say below, and a gallery of photos at the bottom of the page.

War Stops Here

On 10th September we put on our own public education day against the arms trade, called War Stops Here. We produced a resource - called "Who profits at DSEI?" - which was distributed at both the seminar and protests throughout the week.

WRI Council meeting

After our actions, on 11th and 12th we held our own Council meeting, where our members made decisions about the future work of the network.

We planned the whole gathering with Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Peace Pledge Union, and Trident Ploughshares - some of our UK-based affiliates. Thank you to them!


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