Statement of the refusers Evyatar, Einat, Nave and Shahar

Israeli conscientious objectors

We, Israeli youth, refuse to join the Israeli army and take part in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip. We call out to all citizens of Israel to open their eyes and see the policy of oppression over the palestinian people carried out by the Israeli government. We object to the militaristic education forced on us by the same oppressive policies, we object to the educational system teaching us to hate our neighbors, and we object to the social norms that prohibits the educational system from sharing the true reality in the Palestinian territories with children and youth. We feel it is important to show there is another way. We all have the option to refuse to take part in the oppression and in the occupation and we can all make sure human rights, including physical and emotional security, are provided without discrimination. Therefore we demand the following from the Israeli government: 

Stop the killings of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; Stop the ethnic cleansing in the territories and the transfer of Masafer Yatta; Stop the siege of the Gaza strip; Stop home demolitions; Stop administrative arrests and arrests of minors; Stop supporting settler's violence towards Palestinians and start acting against it. 

We demand a stop to the Israeli military presence in the Palestinian territories and we demand giving the Palestinian people the right to independence. We, Israeli youth, born and raised in Israel, call on the Israeli public to see there is a better way to treat our neighbors, a human way that guarantees human rights for all. We demand an end to the Israeli occupation over the Palestinian territories and we declare today our refusal to take any part in it. 

Shahar Schwartz, Evyatar Moshe Rubin, Einat Gerlitz, Nave Shabtay Levin


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