Mexico: Labour Party propose the introduction of compulsory military service for women

Women soldier Mexico

The Labour Party in Mexico proposed reforming the Military Service Law to introduce compulsory military service for women. The senators proposed the bill stated that it will not only increase and strengthen the military but also "allow Mexican citizens, men and women, to access the same opportunities", referring to examples of Sweden, Norway and Israel. 

This reform according to the Labour Party senators "will promote gender equality and no discrimination". The senators also claimed military training for the whole population will help them in cases of emergencies and disasters. The unified commissions of National Defense for Gender Equality and Legislative Studies will be in charge of analysing and approving the proposal.

Currently in Mexico women can join the army voluntarily, while men between 18 and 40 years old are liable for military service. If this proposal is approved, Mexico would be the first country in Latin America to have conscription both for men and women. 

Sources: El Universal, PT en Senado propone servicio militar obligatorio para mujeres, October 29 2019.

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