Call outs for actions against war preparations in Europe

Poster that reads: Stop NATO 2018 11&12 .07 Nonviolent Direct Actions Call
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WRI affiliates and friends are calling for direct actions against Eurosatory – the Paris arms fair – and the NATO summit that will take place in Brussels in July.


Eurosatory is one of the world's biggest arms fairs. It takes place every two years in Paris and features over 1500 arms companies displaying all the weapons, equipment and technology needed for waging war. Arms companies come together with military delegations and official representatives from countries engaged in conflict, repression and human rights violations including Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

When: The arms fair will take place from 11-15 June. Actions will be happening from 9 June.
Where: Parc des Expositions at Villepinte, Paris

Two groups in France have put calls out for action: Désobéissants and Stop Fuelling War

Published meetings / actions so far

  • 9 June: Stop Fuelling War: Protest in central Paris
  • 10 June: Stop Fuelling War: Day of workshops and talks
  • 11 June: Les Désobéissants: Dance, music and painting at the arms fair (11h in the Parc des Expositions at Villepinte)
  • 11 June: Stop Fuelling War: Silent witness
  • 12 June: Les Désobéissants: Non-violent blockade of the arms fair  (11h at the entrance to the Parc des Expositions)

NATO summit in Brussels

The next NATO summit is due to take place from 11-12 July, where NATO want to "further strengthen the bond between Europe and North America"; strengthen its presence in the Black Sea region, "fight terrorism" and "further deepen the relationship between NATO and the European Union".

Last year hundreds of people took part in a blockade of the roads leading into the NATO summit. This year there is a call-out for decentralised actions against a list of targets. This includes arms companies, NATO embassies and political institutions such as the European Defence Agency.

When: 11-12 July
Where: Across Brussels
List of potential targets:

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Sarah Reader, Agir Pour La Paix

Sarah Reader, Agir Pour La Paix

Sarah Reader, Agir Pour La Paix

Sarah Reader, Agir Pour La Paix