Direct actions against nukes follow international ban treaty

Gathering of people at the Coulport Disarmamnet camp. People hold a banner saying 'Nuclear weapons are state terrorism'

In early July, following years of campaigning from anti-nuclear activists, the United Nations formally adopted a treaty that categorically prohibits nuclear weapons. Read more from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. This news was met with joy amongst those staying at the Coulport Disarmament camp – run by Trident Ploughshares – who undertook ten days of direct action at the nuclear weapons depot on Loch Long. Following a blockade, two people remain in jail, having refused bail conditions. Write to them here.

The same week in Germany, overnight on 17th July five activists from Germany and the USA cut through multiple fences and occupied a nuclear weapons bunker at the Büchel air base. They sat on the bunker undetected for over and hour, and no notice of the group was taken until after two of them climbed down to write "DISARM". The action is part of a 21-year long campaign against the deployment of US B61 thermonuclear bombs there.

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