Roles before, during, and after an action


Every action requires a range of different tasks. Some are very visible (for example, the people blocking a street, or the press spokesperson), while others are less visible. Each of these tasks is equally important, as all together they make an action possible.

Before an action

  • Coordinator, campaigner, or organiser
  • Fund raisers
  • Research
  • Scouting the site or route
  • Outreach and organising
  • Logistics and support
  • Meeting facilitator's
  • Prop, sign, and banner making, painters, graphic artists, etc.
  • Sending out media and press releases
  • Publicity kit preparers
  • Writers

During an action

  • People risking arrest (committing civil disobedience)
  • Direct support people
  • Police liaison
  • Peacekeepers/monitors
  • Deployment team/diversion
  • Media spokesperson
  • Media outreach
  • Communication team
  • Demonstrators/sign-holders/chanters/singers
  • Leafletters
  • Videographer
  • Still photographer
  • Medic/EMT/Medical team
  • Legal observer(s)
  • Jail support contact person

After an action

  • Legal support (see 'legal support')
  • Lawyer
  • Documenter/historian/archivist
  • Fund raisers
  • Public speakers
  • Letter-writers to decision-makers and newspaper editorial boards

Adapted from Rant Collective:

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