This week: Join us for 'Tactics for Combating Militarisation' - an online conversation


Join members of the WRI network and the New Tactics community for an online conversation on tactics for combating the militarisation of education, public spaces, vulnerable communities, entertainment and culture.

Governments and other military actors around the world target youth and other vulnerable communities for military recruitment and service. Simultaneously, the militarisation of public spheres such as space and culture promote the acceptance of the prioritising of military capability and approaches. In response, human rights organisations have developed innovative ways of combating increasing militarisation. Practitioners are exploring ways to utilise international mechanisms to support the right to conscientious objection - one of the most visible ways of rejecting militarisation. Other practitioners are working to stop the disproportionate targeting of vulnerable communities for military recruitment, such as youth and people of lower income, by raising the awareness of cultural recruitment and creating 'military-free schools'.

This conversation is an opportunity for teachers, students, lawyers, peace activists and practitioners from around the world to share their experiences and challenges in combating the culture of militarism in their communities. We’re happy that it coincides with the International Day of Action for Military-Free Education and Research that we are coordinating on June 14, and the publication of our latest book, provisionally-entitled 'Countering the Militarisation of Youth'. Join us for this important and timely exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas!

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