African Nonvio­lence Trainers Exchange


26-29 July 2012

War Resisters' International and Ceasefire Campaign in South Africa in collaboration with the African Women's Active Nonvio­lence Initiative for Social Change (AWANICh), Women Peacemaker Program of the International Fel­lowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) and the Organization for Nonvio­lence and Development of South Sudan (ONAD), are proposing to organise a nonviolence trainers exchange to take place between 26–29 of July, 2012 in Johan­nesburg, South Africa.


This project is a first step in a several-year programme to streng­then the network of nonviolent action trainers throughout the continent. The development of nonviolence training in Africa has been patchy. This project will therefore empower African partners to broaden their understanding in nonviolence and create an oppor­tunity for interaction, learning and networking. Building a strong allian­ce between the WRI, the Interna­tional Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR) and other partners in Africa is critical to establishing a nonvio­lent continent. It will involve sharing skills around nonviolent campai­gning and constructing nonviolent alternatives. It will further contribute in reducing gender based violence through empowerment of both women and men with knowledge and skills in transforming gender based violence.

African Nonviolence Trainers Exchange

The exchange will bring together trainers from different networks and countries to meet and share their experiences and skills, while also looking at the challenges faced when promoting nonviolence training in African countries. We will also look at the potential of forming a network of African trainers that can serve as a base point for sharing experiences, resources, and mutual assistance. The four days will be divided in such way that there is time for active par­ticipation of all participants, by using participatory methods used by the trainers themselves in their training.

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