Offending a Whore’s Reputation


Yesterday, the prison department sent me a delegate to inform me about the ratification of the sentence against me of the military court to 3 years, charged with offending the military establishment reputation.
At that time, I felt for the thousand time with the farce of the reputation of the whore… I felt that I was accused of offending a whore’s reputation, despite that the whore offends herself and her reputation by her whoring. Because, it’s normal that the individual reaps the fruits of his work, so it’s normal that the whore has a reputation similar to her acts… So, how does the whore sue me for the charge of offending her reputation, when her whoring was what offended her and not me?
The army also does the same thing… The army finds nothing disgraceful in kidnapping activists from their homes. No problem for it to break-up by force peaceful sit-ins. It doesn’t feel guilty making compulsory virginity checks to innocent female revolutionaries who were prosecuted from Tahrir square. It doesn’t feel embarrassed when it gets one-third of the state budget (about 100 billion Egyptian pounds) despite Egypt’s passage through an economic crisis and that budget isn’t subjected to any kind of supervision, transparency or accountability. The army doesn’t have any sensitivity of prosecuting the revolution youth, torturing them, framing-up charges for them and unfairly militarily try them…
All of that in the eyes of the army are things which don’t offend the reputation of the military establishment, but when a youth activist publishes evidence documenting those violations, then that would be in the eyes of the army an offense deserving a revolt and deserves to occupy the time of the Military Intelligence, as well as to be considered by the “General Military Prosecutor” (not the Military Prosecution).
The army became accustomed to giving itself and its men all types of legal immunity. The army lives on a huge arsenal of restrictive laws to civil liberties and rights, starting from the law banning publishing any information on the armed forces till the sections in the Penal Code which criminalizes offense for the reputation of the state establishments., till the Code of Military Justice which authorizes the Military Prosecution, the Military Police, the Military Intelligence and the Military Justice huge powers starting from prosecuting any Egyptian citizen, monitoring his communications and militarily try him. It can judge for his execution and that judge can’t be appealed or repealed before a civilian court… Above all of that, the militarists are not tried before a normal court, to reach the silly end that an army officer is tried before a colleague judge or a student. In the strangest futile manifestations in making the behaviors of militarists outside the frame of accountability.
What’s humorous is that all of these ways which fortify the militarists are a proof on their own that there is something (or many things) having a loathsome smell inside the military establishment… Christ had described the evil ones as “they liked the darkness because their acts were evil”, so it is natural that the virtuous and the uncorrupted welcome transparency and publicity because they haven’t done anything to be afraid of its exposure, whereas the military establishment by its insistence on not subjecting its budgets to parliamentary supervision or Central Accountability Agency, and that the weaponry deals don’t pass on the the parliament otherwise the General Prosecution would be authorized to inspect military areas, also the ones who were militarily tried won’t be tried again before a civilian judiciary; all of these restrictions confirm that there are behaviors and many practices which the military establishment fears to be exposed to the public opinion.
Getting back to the charge of “offending the reputation of the armed forces”. It’s a silly humorous charge, we don’t hear about it in any democratic state owning armed forces and not armed gangs. In Israel, no one drew any charge to the crew of the film “Spirit of Shaked” despite that the film – which was aired on the Israeli TV – accused the Israeli army of committing a war crime (killing prisoners of war), whereas the law in Israel criminalizes publishing military secrets, but it doesn’t criminalizes exposing human rights violations, either the one who committed these violations were a civilian or a militarist. In the United States, we haven’t heard of anyone drawing charges on offending the reputation of the American army when the pictures of the American army violations were published in Abu Ghraib jail or Guantanamo prison at Cuba… I don’t know why is the Egyptian army sensitive to that extent on its reputation, more than the American or the Israeli army? But, this is the nature of things, the whore is always more violent defending herself, because the whore’s acts condemn her and she fears the talk about her acts, lest she would be condemned.
In the bible, there was a story of pigs which were struck by madness, so they ran to throw themselves in the sea. The shepherds tried to prevent them, but they couldn’t. In the end, the pigs died… The army also does the same thing and it insists with foolish madness on antagonizing the people against it, opening the eyes on its wrong practices, it doesn’t listen to any kind of advices which warn it from running towards its end… In the end, we did what we have to do and what satisfies our consciences, the army has to reap the fruits of its acts.

Marg general prison
The Experimental Ward – 18th cell

* Note: My usage for the term “whore” in that text doesn’t mean in any way that I’m against sexual liberties and doesn’t mean that I look down on sexually liberated individuals (males or females), but I’m surely against betrayal and I consider it whoring. Also, I expect that people accept the results of the behaviors which they choose.


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