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Maikel Nabil is jailed in the Magr prison, in a small cell. The cell is called a reformatory, and is know as "the trial," where he stays for days without seeing sunlight. He is also not allowed to get out of
the cell for any exercise. The guard interacts with Maikel only once in 24 hours, when he opens the cell at 12pm to hand Maikel his one daily meal. Then he locks 6 metal doors on the way out.

Maikel is then left in that cell with three extremely dangerous criminals. He has been threatened explicitly by one of his cellmates that "one of these days, I will cut your face with a razor."

Maikel has health problems including irregular blood pressure that requires constant medical attention. Therefore jailing him under these conditions puts his life in danger, as he can not call for a doctor if needed, which is something he's always needed. Especially now that in the last visit he mentioned to his friends that he is beginning to feel heart pains and that he is feeling that his health is deteriorating. Maikel has also attempted to ask for a doctor from the prison administration several times without success.

Maikel has not been provided any bed or blanket, and so sleeps on the bare floor.

Maikel Nabil's life is in danger because of the harsh and unjustified conditions that he is being subjected to. And those who speak out on his behalf are accused of defending him. We hereby demand that Maikel Nabil be immediately transferred to the nearest jail hospital so that he can receive the medical care he requires. At the very least, he must be transferred to a regular jail cell, away from the reformatory.

We are wondering on which basis Maikel is being punished this way, and why the excessively harsh treatment for a person whose only crime is to exercise his right to express his opinions freely.…

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