We are happy to present our 2nd edition of War Profiteers' News.

In this edition, we highlight the cancellation of Halliburton's exclusive Iraq deal. At the same time we present what is happening in Cabinda where WRI affiliate Union Pacifiste from France is supporting a local campaign for the respect of human rights in Cabinda and against the pollution of the mouth of the Congo River. In this issue, we also inform about Caterpillar's shareholders meeting in Chicago, where the issue of the use of their equipment for demolishing Palestinians homes was again raised.

We have chosen Lockheed Martin as our war profiteer of the month and with a photo of a F-16 which is a fighter/bomber being used these days to bomb and destroy Lebanon.

As we announced in the first edition of our newsletter, during the last week of July WRI held the International Conference "Globalising Nonviolence". During the week of the conference we had a theme group dedicated to the topic of war profiteering. In this theme group we learned from campaigns like the Campaign Against Arms Trade both from the UK and the Netherlands, the Forum voor Vredesactie and Proyecto Gato from Belgium and War Resisters' League in USA.

The campaign of the month comes from the Campaign Against Arms Trade in the Netherlands with their efforts against the role Export Credit Agencies in the arms trade.
Javier Gárate

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