ISRAEL: Ninth imprisonment for conscientious objector Uriel Ferera


On 20 October conscientious objector Uriel Ferera was imprisoned for 20 days for refusing military service, in Military Prison 6. This represents his ninth imprisonment.


Send a protest email to the Israeli authorities here.

You can send letters of support to:

Uriel Ferera Military ID 8004295, Military Prison No. 6, Military Postal Code 01860, IDF, Israel

Fax: +972-4-9540580

If you have access to a fax machine, it  would also be useful to send your appeals to the Commander of the Induction Base in Tel-HaShomer. It is this officer who takes the direct decision on whether an objector will be exempted from military service - he is in charge of the military 'Conscience Committee'.

Gil Ben Shaul,
Commander of Induction Base,
Meitav, Tel-HaShomer, Military Postal Code 02718, IDF, Israel.
Fax: ++972-3-737-60-52

You can also write to Israel's embassies abroad. Find a list of these here.

War Resisters' International calls for the immediate release of all conscientious objectors.

Hannah Brock, War Resisters' International