CHILE: Six conscientious objectors in hiding


Six Chilean conscientious objector went into hiding, to avoid being recruited into the Chilean military. Diego Contreras (CL14916, 19 years) from Concepcion, Cesar Romero (CL14917, 18 years), Patricio Alvarado (CL14918, 19 years), Jaime Silva (CL14919, 18 years) from Temuco, and Jorge Arevalo (CL14920, 18 years) and Sebastian Orlandi (CL14921, 18 years) from Santiago declared themselves conscientious objectors in the past year, when the new law on military service came into force, which introduced the automatic registration of youth eligible for conscription when they turn 18.

Although the Chilean government announced publicly that all "recruits" would in future be volunteers, the law allowed for conscripting in case there were not enough volunteers. Although compulsory recruitment therefore continues, Chile does not recognise the right to conscientious objection. Those who have a conscientious objection to serving in the military have no legal way to do so. Therefore, all six decided to go into hiding, to avoid their forced recruitment into the Armed Forces.

War Resisters' International calls on Chile to recognise the right to conscientious objection, and to not recruit Diego Contreras, Cesar Romero, Patricio Alvarado, Jaime Silva, Jorge Arevalo, and Sebastian Orli.

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