Ivory Coast

Alsetex is a French company, owned by the Etienne Lacroix Group including various types of non-lethal munitions and crowd control equipment. Products manufactured by Alsetex include tear gas grenades, stun grenades, riot control agents, and a range of related launchers.

Ivory Coast

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27/07/1998 1 Conscription

conscription exists

Ivory Coast has conscription. [2] [4] [5]

Conscription is believed to have existed ever since the 1960s. [1]

military service

All men over 21 years of age are liable for military service. [4] [1]

Military service lasts for 6 months. [5]

Military service also involves work in rural development. [2]

postponement and exemption

No information available.


Some sources state that conscription is imposed selectively.

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