Smith And Wesson separated from American Outdoor Brands


The American company American Outdoor Brands has has announced a decision to separate the firearms manufacturing arm of its company - Smith and Wesson - from its outdoor products business. The chairman of the board cited "significant changes in the political climate as well as the economic, investing, and insurance markets" for the decision, as calls for greater gun control in the USA increase. Smith and Wesson changed its named to American Outdoor Brands in 2016, but will now change its name back to Smith and Wesson, with the outdoor products company retaining the "American Outdoor Brands" name. Smith and Wesson has been making guns since 1852, manufacturing a wide range of pistols, rifles, shotguns and submachine guns, as well as ammunition, restraints and knives.

The standalone companies – Smith & Wesson Brands and American Outdoor Brands – would be independent publicly traded companies.


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