International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth


Would you like to take action against the militarisation of youth? You can join War Resisters' International's week of action from 14-20 November (as an individual or as a group).

War Resisters' International is organising the 2nd International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth this year from 14-20 November. The week is a concerted effort of antimilitarist action across the world to raise awareness and challenge of the ways young people are militarised, and to give voice to alternatives.

Last year saw the first ever international Week of Action whose main focus was education and research. Many groups in various countries including Canada, Germany, South Korea, the state of Spain, the USA, Israel and the UK took action to call for an end to the military's role in education and research. This year we are expanding our theme from education to all other “public spaces” where we see military engagement to young people. If you would like to join the activists all around the world taking action against the militarisation of youth contact us via Please visit for updates and further information.

What you can do

      • Organise your own nonviolent action as part of the week of action agains the militarisation of youth! Tell us what you are planning. If the action is public, we will publicise it to spread the word. Visit this page for some action ideas.

      • Not sure what to do? Get in touch and we can discuss action ideas with you, or put you in touch with others in your country who are already planning something.

Programmes & Projects

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