No to NATO
. Resistance activities 1-5 April 2009

Following the international call "No to war - no to NATO", passed at an international preparatory conference in Stuttgart on 5 October 2008, a range of activities are planned for the time of the NATO summit.

These include:

► A camp in Strasbourg from 1-5 April 2009.

► A counter-conference in Strasbourg on 3 April

► Actions of civil disobedience in Baden-Baden on 3 April, to accompany the reception by German chancellor Angela Merkel and the working dinner of the heads of states and governments

► An international demonstration in Strasbourg on 4 April, with a feeder demonstration from Kehl

► Actions of civil disobedience in Strasbourg in the morning of 4 April

► A counter-conference on 5 April 2009 in Strasbourg

More information:

► International Coordination Committee:

► NATO-ZU (with participation of WRI):

► Block-NATO:
► Resistance des deux rives:


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