Iraq: Comeback of conscription?


According to information from, the security and defence committee of the Iraqi parliament recommended a return to conscription as it called on the Defence Ministry to amend a previous draft law submitted to the cabinet and the Iraqi legislative council.

According to the Iraqi constitution, national service will be stipulated by law (article 9 paragraph 2). 

Hadi al-Ameri, chairman of parliament’s defence and security committee, said reinstating the draft was necessary given the country’s current conditions. He said all males reaching the age of 18 will have to join the new army.

Ameri also promised ‘decent wages’ to make military service tempting for young Iraqis.

Analysts say the fact that the government’s determination to reinstate the draft is an indication that the army is not finding enough volunteers.

Sources: Security committee recommends return conscription,, 5 May 2008; Iraq mulls reintroducing the draft, Azzaman, 28 April 2008


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