The Broken Rifle

The Broken Rifle is the newsletter of War Resisters' International, and is published in English, Spanish, French and German. This is issue 79, September 2008. This issue of The Broken Rifle was produced by Andreas Speck. Special thanks go to Tobias Pflüger, Hans Lammerant, Javier Garate, Albert Beale, and everyone else who contributed to this issue. If you want extra copies of this issue of The Broken Rifle, please contact the WRI office, or download it from our website.

War Resisters' International,

5 Caledonian Road,

London N1 9DX, Britain

tel +44-20-7278 4040; fax+44-20-7278 0444


The Broken Rifle is changing ...

This issue of The Broken Rifle will be the last one in its old format -- and the last one printed and distributed with Peace News. From the next issue on, The Broken Rifle will only be produced as an e-newsletter, and will be available on our website as PDF file for download and printing.

If you want to receive The Broken Rifle in the future, please subscribe to the e-newsletter either by sending an email to, or on the page of the newsletter at

Archives of The Broken Rifle are available at /br-home.htm.

Please help us by donating to War Resisters' International. See online at /en/donate-en.htm.

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