Ecuador: Oil corporations helping to militarise the Orellana province


During the first two weeks of December, a state of emergency was declared in the Orellana Province in the Amazon region of Ecuador.

This state of emergency is carried out through the militarisation of Orellana which took place after representatives of the town of Dayuma (area in the country that brings in more resources to the nation) started protesting about the complete abandonment from the government in which they live, as they have almost no access to any public services.

What is the main reason behind for the Ecuadorian state to militarise this province? Major oil corporations: Repsol – YPF, Petrobell, Petrosud-Petrorivas, Petroriental, Perenco, SIPEC/ENAP, Petrobras, Petroecuador to name some of them, are based in this province.

The Ecuadorian government states that nobody can stop the “development of the nation” and therefore it is necessary the exportation of the Ecuadorian oil.

The power of the oil corporations in Ecuador is so big that, for example, when a soldier arrives to a community to arrest someone in most of the cases the soldier comes together with a representative from the oil corporation, showing who really rules there.

At the time of this writing more than 26 protester are being held at the prison in the city of Tena.

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