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ARK activist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Vesna Terselic of the Anti-War Campaign of Croatia has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She has been proposed by the International Peace Bureau along with Selim Beslagic, former Mayor of Tuzla, and Vesna Pesic, leader of the Civic Alliance in FRY. Already this has catapulted Vesna T. (an individual member of the WRI, as well as coordinator of ARK) into public prominence. However, when she corrected newspaper reports that a Croatian was being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by telling them that she is ethnically Slovenian, there were hoots of protest in the press: "why are they nominating a Slovenian on behalf of Croatia". This woke up the Slovenian press to champion her cause. And if she wins? Well, that will be another cause for celebration at the 1998 WRI Triennial in Croatia.

ARK, Gajeva 55/1, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia (tel 385 1 431374; fax 432 456; email

Swadhina's 10th Anniversary

Swadhina, primarily a women's development organisation and a WRI affiliate, was established 10 years ago in Calcutta. It is celebrating its anniversary throughout 1997 with a series of events and the production of several publications. Since its inception, Swadhina has been involved in awareness-raising, empowerment and self-reliance programmes for women. Committed to nonviolence, it now works in four different states: Tamilnadu, Orissa, Bihar and West Bengal.

You too can participate in the festivities and give the organisation much needed financial support. This year's programme includes:

  • creation of a !0th Anniversary Poor Children's Fund, intended to help appropriate children financially over their studies. Donations are needed and can be sent to the organisation's central office;
  • publication of a book on the history of the organistaion
  • publication on 15 August of a 100-page special Anniversary Brochure containing articles on development issues. You can show your support by buying advertising space (prices range from US$20-200);
  • a seminar and lunch on 15 August in Calcutta, the proceeds of which will go towards the new Poor Children's Fund;
  • release in March of a video on Swadhina's activities;
  • showing of a travelling exhibition in several states, starting in October;
  • holding an international seminar on "Perspectives on Development, Peace and Justice" in July;
  • finally, holding a birthday celebration on 29 December in Calcutta to round off the year's celebrations.
Swadhina, 34/c Bondel Road, Calcutta 700019, India (tel +91 33 247 0934/247 7944; fax +91 33 247 0934; email


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