Country report and updates: Seychelles

Last revision: 05 Aug 1998
05 Aug 1998

1 Conscription

conscription does not exist

One source states that a two-year compulsory military service exists. [6]

However, other sources suggest that the Seychelles have no military conscription, but a National Youth Service exists, which was compulsory until 1993. It comprised military training but now emphasises education. [2] [3] [4] [5]

It is not exactly known whether military training is still part of the National Youth Service.

National Youth Service

After four years of secondary school, all youths are 'encouraged' to participate for a year in the National Youth Service (NYS). [3] [5]

Although the NYS participation seems to be voluntary, it has been a requirement for getting a government job or for entering higher education (the Polytechnic School for Vocational Training). In 1993 the government abolished this requirement, but for admission to the Polytechnic, preference is still given to NYS participants. [5] [4]

In 1995 in the National Assembly the opposition proposed legislation to abolish the NYS but the proposal was rejected. [5]


According to the government, enlistment in the armed forces is voluntary. [2]

It is not known how the actual recruitment into the armed forces takes place and if there is any relation to the NYS.

2 Conscientious objection

There is no known legal provision for conscientious objection.

3 Desertion

No information available.

5 History

Before the 1990s conscription existed in the form of a compulsory National Youth Service. From the age of 15 onwards, all youth were required to perform a two-year national service, which involved (para)military training and political indoctrination. The NYS was strongly criticised. In 1979 3,000 students protested against the compulsory NYS. In 1990 the NYS was curtailed to one year. In 1993 the NYS became really voluntary. [1] [3] [4] [5]

6 Annual statistics

The armed forces, consisting of an army and a paramilitary coast guard, are about 400 strong - 0.56 percent of the population. [7]


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