Arrest of Maikel Nabil Sanad by military police

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Dear Mohamed Hussein Tantawi,

I have learned via War Resisters' International, that Maikel Nabil Sanad, a conscientious objector to military service, has been arrested by military police in Cairo at 2pm on 4 February 2011. The military police used a military jeep with number plate 440700.

It is presently not known to War Resisters' International why he has been arrested, and where he is being held. However, I am very concerned for his safety, especially as Maikel Nabil Sanad is a conscientious objector, and had been arrested previously in November 2010.

I am concerned that the arrest of Maikel Nabil Sanad today is an attempt at getting back at a conscientious objector at a time of chaos.

I request you to locate Maikel Nabil Sanad, and to give order for his immediate release.

I will be following closely what is happening to him.