eCouncil 2018

WRI members holding the WRI banner

WRI's annual Council meeting is a place for administrative business such as review of finances and the Annual Report from Exec and staff, political discussion, priority setting, and practical planning. This year our meeting is being held online, using the Loomio platform. Council members have been sent an invite to participate already. If you've not received one, please get in touch!

If you would like to join eCouncil as an observer, please email us at info [at] with the subject 'Observing eCouncil'!

The agenda can be found here.

Public events

As we would do at a normal WRI meeting, as well as the internal decision-making discussions, we hold public events that will be of interest to a wider group.

This year, you can take part in a call about WRI's Fundraising and Finances at 15.00 UTC on Friday 11th May, and on Conscientious objector solidarity on Wednesday 9th May, 16.00 UTC on Wednesday 9th May. There will be contributions from conscientious objector movements in Colombia, and news of the approaching International Conscientious Objection day! The call will be in Spanish and English. Please write to us at info [at] if you would like to join either of these calls.


Programmes & Projects