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One of the most effective ways to prepare for war is to prepare the minds and bodies of young people to take part in it.

War Resisters' International's Countering the Militarisation of Youth project has launched - a great resource for anyone who wants to find out more about how young people are taught to regard armed violence, and the military and its values, as positive and uncontroversial. It is the first international site giving an overview of these issues.

It allows groups and individuals to easily upload their own information on the strategies used in different contexts to militarise young people, as well as reports on their work to disrupt these processes.The site has a English, German and Spanish version, and we will make efforts to translate material between these three languages wherever possible. You are always welcome to write your own translations, and submit them at

The idea for this website came out of the Darmstadt conference in 2012, and it follows on from the publication of Sowing Seeds: The Militarisation of Youth and How to Counter It, in June 2013. You can read Sowing Seeds online for free here.

This is the next stage in WRI's work to build networks of those working to resist youth militarisation around the world, and encourage others to join us in this work.

If you want to get involved, think about joining our week of action for military-free education and research, from 25 – 31 October 2014.

This site is a work in progress, and we want to add lots more content, especially in Spanish and German. It's easy to add new content:

Thanks to Netuxo for their work on the website.

Please share the site with your networks! 

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