Callout for Broken Rifle 105: Climate change and antimilitarism


For the first time, WRI's magazine The Broken Rifle will focus on climate change and antimilitarism, looking at the links between environmental and peace movements, the connections between our analyses of control, exploitation and power, and the links between seemingly 'single issue' social movements.

Amongst other things, we would like to hear from people who would like to write on the following topics:

  • System change not climate change: capitalism & militarism
  • Power and influence in the mobilisation and messaging of environmentalist social movements
  • Climate change and migration: how the military is responding already to environmental refugees
  • Ecofeminism: subjugating women and the earth, linking capitalism and systemic violence
  • Constructive programmes and positive stories! 
  • How conflict in Syria is connected to environmental issues
  • A critical reflection on movements organising for climate justice
  • COP21 is a peace conference - reflections on COP21
  • A review of The Secure and the Dispossessed: How the Military and Corporations Are Shaping a Climate-Changed World
  • Anything else you think is relevant!

Authors writing from outside of the global North are especially invited to respond. The above list is just ideas - please suggest anything else you think is relevant.

Please write with your ideas and suggestions to, preferably by the end of January. We would need the final articles by 15 March, and are looking for short pieces of 800-1200 words.

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