Right to Refuse to Kill


El programa de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra, El Derecho a Rechazar a Matar, combina un amplio abanico de actividades de apoyo a los objetores de conciencia de manera individual y también en grupos organizados y movimientos de objeción de conciencia y en contra del reclutamiento.

Nuestras principales publicaciones son las Alertas OC (alertas de apoyo que se envían cuando un objetor de conciencia es procesado) y las Informe-OC (un informe bimestral sobre la evolución de la objeción de conciencia en el mundo).

Continuamos también con nuestra Guía OC – Una Guía del Sistema Internacional de Derechos Humanos para Objetores de Conciencia, que puede ayudar a los OC a desafiar a sus propios gobiernos y protegerse de los abusos de derechos humanos.

Se puede encontrar información sobre el trato de los estados nación a los objetores de conciencia en nuestro Estudio Mundial de OC y Reclutamiento.

Hay más información sobre el programa aquí.

The ObjectWar Campaign week of action is taking place between 4th-10th December with multiple events across Europe. With their actions, activists are calling on Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to stop the persecution of conscientious objectors and deserters; as well as calling on the European Union to protect those refusing to take part in the war in Ukraine. Find a list of events here.

December 1st, this Friday, is Prisoners for Peace Day. On this day (and every day) we encourage you to show solidarity with the activists and conscientious objectors imprisoned due to their peace work and their refusal to take up arms.

1st December, Friday, is Prisoners for Peace Day, a day to show solidarity with those activists who have been imprisoned for their work for peace and conscientious objectors imprisoned for their refusal to take up arms. See a list of those imprisoned for their peace activism and conscientious objection below. We include those whose addresses we can obtain, and who are happy to have their names and stories made public.

45-year-old Seventh-day Adventist Dmytro Zelinsky is serving his 3-year jail term for refusing mobilisation on grounds of conscience, and is due to arrive soon in a Kolomyia prison. On 28 August, Ternopil Appeal Court acceded to Prosecutor Roman Harmatiuk's request to overturn his June acquittal. Harmatiuk did not respond to Forum 18 to say why he appealed against the acquittal. Zelinsky is preparing a Supreme Court appeal.

On 25 October, a Yerevan court handed Baptist conscientious objector Davit Nazaretyan a two-year jail sentence for "Avoidance of mandatory military or alternative service or conscription", despite his repeated requests for alternative civilian service. "Of course it's bad, but the law demands it," said religious affairs official Vardan Astsatryan. Nazaretyan plans to appeal, and is at home until it is heard.

On the International Day of Peace, September 21st 2023, IFOR, WRI, EBCO, and Connection e.V. urge the involved countries in the ongoing Russian war of aggression against Ukraine to mobilise for peace instead of war, and the EU and the international community to invest in diplomacy and negotiations instead of weapons and militarism.

World Without War is a member of War Resisters' International based in South Korea, and is one of the most successful pacifist and antimilitarist movements in Asia, taking action on issues such as the arms trade, ending mandatory male conscription and activist empowerment. This year, WWW is celebrating its 20th anniversary by celebrating its achievements, reflecting on its challenges, and envisioning the coming years/decades. To mark this occasion, we interviewed front-line activist Jungmin Choi.

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