Solidarity accommodation for WRI's London 2023 conference


In June 2023, members of WRI will travel from across the world to take part in our Antimilitarist Roots conference.

London is a notoriously expensive city to stay in, so we hope to be able to support some of those attending by pairing them with people who live locally, who can offer some sleeping space for some or all of their stay in London.

The minimum support would mean having someone to sleep in your home on agreed nights, as well as access to bathroom facilities. Some hosts may also be able to offer their guest breakfast and/or dinner.

Below is a form you can use to indicate your willingness to host a member of WRI. If you have any questions before filling in the form please email with the subject solidarity accommodation london 2023.

After receiving your form we will begin to match participants with hosts. It may take us a few weeks to do this. We will contact you via email or phone to confirm that you are still able to host, before sharing your contact details with the conference participant.

You can find full details of the conference here:


Programmes & Projects
Which nights can you offer accommodation?
The sleeping arrangement I can offer is:
Can you offer breakfast and dinner?
I understand that this is a voluntary role, and that if a match is made between myself and a participant in the conference then they will be a guest in my home. I understand that I will not charge anyone while staying in my home.
I understand that I will be responsible for giving a guest access at agreed times.
I understand that once paired with a guest I will be responsible for communicating arrangements with them directly (though WRI staff will be on hand to support with this if there are issues that need resolving).
I understand that once I have a agreed to host someone my contact details will be shared with them to make arrangements.