Informe sobre el país: Ivory Coast

Ultima revisión: 27 Jul 1998
27 Jul 1998

1 Conscription

conscription exists

Ivory Coast has conscription. [2] [4] [5]

Conscription is believed to have existed ever since the 1960s. [1]

military service

All men over 21 years of age are liable for military service. [4] [1]

Military service lasts for 6 months. [5]

Military service also involves work in rural development. [2]

postponement and exemption

No information available.


Some sources state that conscription is imposed selectively. [4] [5]

It is not known how recruitment actually takes place. It is clear that not all 21-year-old men are actually recruited.

It seems that occasionally unemployed men, journalists and students are called up as a political measure. [2]

2 Conscientious objection

There is no legal provision for conscientious objection and no substitute service. [2]

According to the government in 1992, "the legislation contains no provisions on the subject. However, there is a bill on the point of adoption, containing the Military Function Code, which takes account of the case of conscientious objectors. The latter will fulfil their national service obligations within the framework of a development aid service, in structures having a scientific, cultural, social or humanitarian purpose which are in the public interest." [3]

It is not known whether this bill has been adopted.

3 Draft evasion and desertion


Failure to perform military service may lead to the loss of civil rights. [2]


No information available.

6 Annual statistics

The armed forces comprise 13,900 troops, including the 1,100 strong Presidential Guard and the 4,400 strong Gendarmerie. They form nearly 0.1 percent of the population. The reserve forces are 12,000 strong. [5]

Every year approximately 140,000 men reach conscription age. [5]


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