Informe sobre el país: Comores

Ultima revisión: 21 Jul 1998
21 Jul 1998

Since achieving independence from France in 1975, the three islands of the Comores Federal Islamic Republic has been the scene of continuous coup d'états in which French mercenaries played an important role. In 1997 two of the isles, Anjouan and Moheli, declared themselves independent from the main isle and wanted to return to French colonial power. Three hundred troops from the main island invaded the isles to bring them under control. [2] [3]

1 Conscription

It is not known if the Comores have conscription and no information is available about recruitment into the armed forces.

2 Conscientious objection

There is no known legal provision for conscientious objection.

3 Draft evasion and desertion

No information about this is available.

6 Annual statistics

The armed forces are 900 strong - that is, 0.15 percent of the population. [1]


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