A photo from the demonstration

Israel: Video interviews with conscientious objectors

Watch the interviews with conscientious objectors Tal Mitnick and Sahar Vardi who took part in the peace demonstration calling for ceasefire in Gaza, held in Tel Aviv on 18th November 2023. 

From a solidarity action with conscientious objectors in South Korea

Prisoners for Peace Day: 1st December

December 1st, this Friday, is Prisoners for Peace Day. On this day (and every day) we encourage you to show solidarity with the activists and conscientious objectors imprisoned due to their peace work and their refusal to take up arms.

Bill Hetherington

Peace movement mourns lifelong pacifist campaigner Bill Hetherington

Bill Hetherington, who was at the centre of pacifist activism in the UK for more than half a century, has died at the age of 89. Bill played key roles in the Peace Pledge Union (PPU) and in War Resisters' International, of which the PPU is the British section.

Heavily armed police officers in silhouette. One is firing a shotgun.

War profiteer profile: Société d'Application des Procédés Lefebvre (SAPL)

Société d'Application des Procédés Lefebvre (SAPL) is a French company that specialises in the manufacture of weapons and equipment for use by law enforcement, including “non-lethal” weapons, ammunitions, aerosols, shields and silencers. They also provide training in the products they manufacture. 60-70% of SAPL’s income comes from the French government, but SAPL also exports to a number of other countries. In 2022, the company reported income of €2.7m.