Two police officers in the foreground, one armed with a large tear gas launcher

War profiteer profile: Alsetex

Alsetex is a French company, owned by the Etienne Lacroix Group including various types of non-lethal munitions and crowd control equipment. Products manufactured by Alsetex include tear gas grenades, stun grenades, riot control agents, and a range of related launchers.

Members of MOC take action at the Expojove event in Valencia

Spanish antimilitarists face huge fines for nonviolent actions

MOC Valencia – an antimilitarist group in Spain and member of WRI - are facing fines of nearly €45,000 as a consequence of nonviolent actions they have taken over the last year.

ACL poster

Antimilitarist Campaigning Lab: Call for applications

War Resisters’ International is happy to announce the Antimilitarist Campaigning Lab, an online workshop series exploring antimilitarist campaigning and its intersection with relevant issues such as the militarisation of borders, the climate crisis and the arms trade. Apply before 27th February to be part of this online workshop series.

Conscientious objectors Mustafa Hürben (left) and Halil Karapaşoğlu (right) in front of the court with their supporters

Cyprus (North): Conscientious objector Halil Karapaşoğlu on trial

On Thursday (1st February), conscientious objector Halil Karapaşoğlu from North Cyprus (self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) was on trial at the Security Forces Court in the northern part of Nicosia for his refusal to respond to the reserve call. Halil's case has been postponed to 14th March, 2024.