Broken Rifle painted on a wall under which it's written conscientious objection in Turkish

CO Day 2021: Solidarity with conscientious objectors from Turkey

Every year on 15th May, the International Conscientious Objection Day, we organise solidarity with conscientious objectors (COs) and draw attention to their resistance to war. This year we have a particular focus on Turkey – working closely with the Conscientious Objection Association - Turkey (VR-DER).

A black and white photo showing many people sat outside in front of an old building

The Broken Rifle #115: call for submissions

Our 115th edition of The Broken Rifle will focus on the stories of solidarity and resistance from across our history. Do you have a story to tell - perhaps you joined us for an international assembly, or took part in one of our solidarity actions? We hope to fill our next edition of The Broken Rifle with stories of resistance and solidarity from WRI's history.

Aleppo/Syria 2015. Source: Wikipedia Commons/

Syria: ‘Military Evaders’ threatened unlawful seizure of property and assets over conscription fees

The Syrian government has threatened to seize the property and assets of ‘military evaders’, namely Syrian refugees outside the country and internally displaced people, who fail to pay exorbitant fees to be exempt from military service.

Press conference by campaigners following the Supreme Court decision on 25th February.

South Korea: Conscientious objection on non-religious grounds recognised by Supreme Court and MMA first time

First time in South Korea, conscientious objection to military service on non-religious grounds is recognised by the country’s Supreme Court and Military Manpower Administration.