Ideas and plans for videos and DVDs you want to bring or show during the conference


Please put your videos/DVDs in here. Specify system, length, languages, subtitles, etc...


Sir No Sir

DVD, English, about 1hr

Documentary on the US GI resistance during the Vietnam war. Very good!

Nuestro Petroleo/Our Oil

Hasta la última piedra

DVD, 2006, Spanish with sub-titles in all conf languages, 58 minutes.

About the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó.

Howard will bring.

Breaking the Silence

DVD, 2005, Hebrew with English subtitles, 38 mins

Israeli soldiers talk about Hebron

Howard will bring.

A Force More Powerful

DVD, 2000, English, subtitles in French and Spanish, total running time 174 minutes, but two episodes

Produced for International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, accompanying book of same name, with material on Indian independence struggle, nonviolent resistance to Nazi occupation, US civil rights movement, and in the 1980s Solidarnosc in Poland, South Africa and Chile.

Howard will bring.

Bringing down a dictator

DVD, 2001, English, subtitles in French and Spanish, 56 minutes

Produced for International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, account of use of nonviolent action to bring down Slobodan Milosevic.

Howard will bring.

Three Bombspotting Actions

DVD, French and Dutch, 15 minutes

Civil Inspection actions in Belgium

Roel will bring

The War on Terror: Who Wins? Who Loses?

A PowerPoint Presentation on War Profiteering and the Influence that Corporations Have on War-making Policy in the U.S.

Reviews: "Astonishing" "Factual and Fair" "Mind-boggling"

Also Available for sale in English and German

G. Simon Harak will bring


A documentary from East Timor. Mostly about peoples' empowerment projects, some history and a little bit of something else.

DVD, 30 minutes, Sahe Media Popular 2004, Tetum with English subtitles

Simo will bring

World Naked Bike Ride

A documentary of the 2005 World Naked Bike Ride in London, against oil dependency

DVD more less 20 minutes, in English no subtitles.

Javier will bring


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