Stopping the War Business seminar held in Seoul


For two days activists from sixteen countries have gathered in Seoul for the Stopping the War Business seminar, co-hosted by World Without War and War Resisters' International.

We heard inspiring talks about ongoing resistance to war profiteering - from police militarisation and the companies that feed it in the USA, to civilian companies profiting from occupation in West Papua. We participated in workshops on different tactics we can use in the struggle to stop war profiteering, and in 'campaigns clinics', in which participants introduced campaigns they are involved in, and heard reflections and ideas from other activists.

It was a chance to make connections and plan future work together.

In the closing plenary, one participant commented "Sometimes you feel small working against such dark structures. Seeing the possibilities together gives us hope"

Presentations from the speakers were recorded, and will make a special edition of War Profiteers News. Subscribe here to recieve it. Here is one talk given via Skype by Andrew Feinstein: an introduction to the global arms trade.

Today we underwent training with World Without War to take action against the ADEX arms fair this week. Follow WRI on Twitter and Facebook to see what we get up to, and use #stopADEX to spread the word.

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