Service required to replace military service

In its previous conclusions, the Committee noted that alternative service lasted 24 months, while military service lasted twelve. This prompted the Committee to conclude that the situation was not in conformity with Article 1§2 of the Revised Charter because the length of alternative service excessively restricted the worker’s right to earn a living in an occupation freely entered upon.

The European Committee of Social Rights has repeatedly dealt with the issue of the length of substitute service - especially in the cases of Greece and Finland. In recent years, it has taken up the issue on its own in several conclusions on country reports. We publish the relevant parts below (thanks go to the European Buereau for Conscientious Objection):


"The Committee previously noted that legislation provided for alternative service to compulsory military service, but sought further clarification on the length of such alternative service.

Service in place of military service

According to the report the length of alternative service is 24 months, while the length of military service is 12 months.
The Committee recalls that under Article 1§2 the duration of alternative service may not exceed one and a half times the length of military service. The Committee therefore finds that the situation is not in conformity with Article 1§2 of the Revised Charter.




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As published in The Right to Conscientious Objection in Europe, Quaker Council for European Affairs, 2005.

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Conscription is enshrined in Article 57 of the 1994 Constitution and is further regulated by the 2002 Law on Preparation for Defence.[1]

The length of military service is one year, and three months for university gr

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