WRI's Nonviolence Programme promotes the use of active nonviolence to confront the causes of war and militarism. We develop resources (such as the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns) and provide nonviolence training to groups seeking to develop their skills.

WRI's Nonviolence Programme:

  • empowers grassroot activists in nonviolent campaigns, through resources, publications and by leading training in nonviolence;

  • coordinates regional nonviolence trainers' networks;

  • educates the WRI and wider network of the connections between economics and war.

We believe the goals of peace and justice will eventually be achieved through the persistent work of grassroots movements over time, in all countries and regions. Our mission is to support these movements, helping them gain and maintain the strength needed for the journey they face, and to link them to one another, forming a global network working in solidarity, sharing experiences, countering war and injustice at all levels.

The front cover of our Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns


Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

In 2014 we published the second edition of our Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns, a book to accompany and support social change movements. The book – written by over 30 seasoned activists - has been translated into over ten languages, and several thousand copies have been sold. A wide variety of movements, campaigns, trainers and individual activists from around the world have made use of the Handbook.

The English and Spanish version of the Handbook can be bought from the WRI webshop.

The German version of the Handbook is published and sold by Graswurzelrevolution.

For information other editions/languages, please contact us at

Empowering Nonviolence

From April 2017, the Handbook – and lots of other content – will be available online on our new Empowering Nonviolence website. Empowering Nonviolence allows users to browse the content of the Handbook, helping to make activists and movements more effective in their campaigning and direct action, more strategic in their planning, and to become more sustainable, as they learn from others and share stories and ideas.

New Worlds in Old Shells

When we think of nonviolent social change we often think of protests, direct action, banners, placards, and crowds in the street. Often these actions are saying “No!”, resisting the causes of violence and war, and they are very necessary. As important though, are the communities and organisations “building a new world in the shell of the old”, saying “yes!” by putting into practise the emancipatory, nonviolent, empowering ways of working and living we hope – one day – everyone will experience. Gandhi coined the word “constructive programmes” to describe this sort of social change, and we are currently writing a new publication exploring these ideas, called New Worlds in Old Shells.

Nonviolence Training

The Nonviolence Programme is a direct response to needs expressed by activist groups for nonviolence training and resources, especially focusing on campaign strategies for nonviolent direct action (NVDA). The training tools and materials we use are designed to facilitate the groups that contact us in the processes they initiate and lead. We do not prescribe a particular way of taking action; our goal is to train and empower local nonviolence trainers, to build independent, local capacity with the groups we work alongside.

2010년 1월, 인도 아흐메다바드에서 열리는 국제회의

전쟁저항자 인터내셔널은 현재 인도의 운동 단체들과 연대하여 내년 초에 있을 국제회의를 준비 중이다. 이 국제회의의 주요한 의제는 지역적 차원에서 전개되는 일상적인 비폭력 투쟁과 전쟁수혜자를 비롯하여 전지구화 되고 있는 군사주의 사이의 연결고리를 찾아내는 것이다. 이 국제회의를 통해서 참가자들은 지역의 공동체를 파괴하고 자원을 수탈해가는 국가 및 초국적기업들의 역할을 분석하는 한편 이에 대응하여 벌어지고 있는 세계 각지의 운동 간의 연대를 도모하게 될 것이다. 또한, 지역적 차원에서 지구적 차원에 이르는 다양한 층위의 운동들, 한편으론 더 이상의 강제 이주를 가로막는 운동에서부터 쫓겨났던 사람들이 다시 자신의 땅으로 돌아가기 위한 투쟁에 이르기까지 다양한 모습을 띄는 비폭력 저항의 경험들을 공유하게 될 것이다.

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