By Lindsey Collen

The Island states of Africa often get forgotten. The word “the continent” somehow leaves them out. And this is a serious conceptual error when it comes to scrutinizing the US military presence in Africa.

Let’s take things step-by-step.

By Alain Ah-Vee

As the British Empire collapsed, USA expanded into parts of it. When the USA-UK decided in the 1960’s to install a massive military base on one of the Indian Ocean Islands making up Mauritius, that is to say, on the Island of Diego Garcia, in order to implement this decision, they committed a number of crimes.
The UK-US Crimes

War Resisters' International sends greetings of solidarity to the conference Action to Close the Diego Garcia Military Base, to end the Illegal Occupation of the Chagos Islands, and for the right to Return & Full Reparations for Chagossians. As we oppose all war, and also the preparations for war, we clearly oppose military bases. Diego Garcia itself is the supreme example of a military alliance sweeping aside all considerations of international law and natural justice in the spurious name of "strategic necessity".

The English arrived, Mr Englishman arrived in Chagos,
The English arrived, the English uprooted us, cut off our food supply,
I will not forget,
Never, I will not forget my family,
The whistle blew three times to board the Mauritius,
It dumped us in Mauritius.

I will not forget,
Never, I will not forget my mother,
I will not forget those we left there in the cemetery.


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30/07/1998 1 Conscription

conscription does not exist

Mauritius has no armed forces, except for two paramilitary forces: a special mobile force and a coast guard. [5]

There is no conscription and no conscription law. [1] [2] [3] [4]


The minimum recruitment age for the paramilitary forces is 18.

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