Right to Refuse to Kill


War Resisters' International's programme The Right to Refuse to Kill combines a wide range of activities to support conscientious objectors individually, as well as organised groups and movements for conscientious objection.

Our main publications are CO-Alerts (advocacy alerts sent out whenever a conscientious objector is prosecuted) and CO-Updates (a bimonthly look at developments in conscientious objection around the world).

We maintain the CO Guide - A Conscientious Objector's Guide to the International Human Rights System, which can help COs to challenge their own governments, and protect themselves from human rights abuses.

Information about how nation states treat conscientious objectors can be found in our World Survey of Conscientious Objection and recruitment.

More info on the programme is available here.

Prenez la paix en main. Ecoutez votre conscience et refusez la guerre.

Nous sommes des antimilitaristes et objecteurs de consciences internationaux venant d'Espagne, de Croatie, de Macédoine, de Turquie, de Finlande, de Belgique, des Pays Bas, d'Allemagne, de Grande Bretagne et de France. Nous sommes au siège de l'OTAN ce 15 mai, Journée Internationale de l'Objection de Conscience, parce que l'OTAN est un symbole de la militarisation internationale qui maintient en place un système de domination globale.

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