During 2014, Spain made defence materials exports worth €3.203 million, whilst in total €3.666 million worth of exports were authorized. The value of the actual exports has decreased by 18% in comparison to that reached in 2013, from €3.907 million. Nonetheless, the tendency during the last 10 years has been a continued increase, as revealed in the following graph.

Spanish exports of defence material 2005-2014 reported on 8 March 2007 that Jordan, which suspended military conscription in 1999, decided on 6 March to resume compulsory service at a more limited scale and with the objective of improving the capabilities of the country’s labor force.

The bill, which has been endorsed by the government and will be sent to parliament for approval, would restore conscription this year for 18-year-old men, who will serve for three months instead of the previous term of two years. According to other sources, the law will also include provisions for women.


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25/04/1998 1 Conscription

conscription not enforced

Conscription was suspended in April 1992. [4]

Under the 1976 Conscription Law all men over 18 were liable for two years' military service. Legal provisions for reintroducing military service still apply, as the Conscription Law has not been officially repealed. [1]

There are provisions for compulsory military training for the People's Army, a 20,000 strong militia launched in 1987 to assist the regular armed forces.


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Against the War in Former-Yugoslavia

Women in Black in Belgrade celebrated their second anniversary on October 9, 1993. A pamphlet and a book of leaflets and articles about their work was published: for copies, fax +381 11 334 706. The group, in addition to their regular antiwar vigils, also held the workshop "Is there no end to this war?" on international women's day in 1993. In August last year, the group sponsored the second international conference on "Feminist Solidarity Against War" in Subotica, Tresnjevac and Novi Sad.

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