Journalists in the UK and Denmark have uncovered evidence that BAE Systems – the UK's largest arms companies and one of the largest in the world – has profited from the sale of surveillance technology, including to many oppressive governments in the Middle East.

During 2014, Spain made defence materials exports worth €3.203 million, whilst in total €3.666 million worth of exports were authorized. The value of the actual exports has decreased by 18% in comparison to that reached in 2013, from €3.907 million. Nonetheless, the tendency during the last 10 years has been a continued increase, as revealed in the following graph.

Spanish exports of defence material 2005-2014


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05/04/1998 1 Conscription

conscription does not exist

Conscription has never existed since gaining independence in 1970. [1] [2]

Oman does have the fourth highest per capita military expenditure of any country in the world. [1]


The armed forces have difficultiy attracting the requisite number of recruits. About 10 percent of the army rank-and-file are foreigners.

After the achievement of independence in 1970, initially nearly all officers were Baluchis from Pakistan, except for senior commanders who were British.

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