UK supporters: help international pacifists to disrupt the DSEI arms fair!


The arms trade is international, but so is our resistance.

In September, WRI are planning to hold their annual Council meeting in London, so that activists from around the world can help British groups to shut down DSEI, the world’s biggest arms fair!

As well as taking part in actions to stop DSEI, there will be a public event on Sunday 10th September, on international militarism and the arms trade. This will include dialogues with anti-arms trade activists from countries where the arms sold in DSEI are produced, and where they are bought and used - like South Korea and Germany, Turkey and South Sudan.

WRI are co-hosting the meeting, along with some of our UK-based affiliates Campaign Against Arms Trade, Fellowship of Reconcilitation, the Peace Pledge Union and Trident Ploughshares. We hope you will put 10th September in your diaries, and look at ways you can help bring international activists to London below...

Solidarity travel fund

If you can, please donate to the solidarity funding pot to make it possible for activists from the global South to come. You can donate via PayPal. Thank you.

Solidarity housing

To make the meeting as affordable as possible, and to build links between international and local activists, WRI are looking for hosts in London to give a bed (and breakfast!) to a WRI member, from 7/8th September, until 12/13th. Please write to (with the subject "solidarity housing") to volunteer for any or all of this time, and pass the word around to anyone else you think could help. We are especially looking for beds in east and north London, but any offers gratefully received! Thank you!

Check back at /en/Council-2017 for more information over the coming months, and check #stopDSEI and #warstartshere on social media!


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