Antimilitarist Campaigning Lab: Call for applications

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War Resisters’ International is happy to announce the first cycle of the Antimilitarist Campaigning Lab: An online workshop series (taking place between 29th February and 23rd May) exploring antimilitarist campaigning and its intersection with relevant issues such as the militarisation of borders, the climate crisis and the arms trade.

The Antimilitarist Campaigning Lab will be an interactive space for young activists to explore issues and strategies in antimilitarist campaigning in depth and increase youth's voice and influence within our movements. Each session will include contributions by experts and experienced activists from the field. At the end of the seminar series, the participants will be invited to contribute a piece (an article/interview/podcast) to be published on and the WRI main website.


The Antimilitarist Campaigning Lab is primarily targeting young activists and we have an age range of 18 to 35 for applications. 

Registration is free, but you will need to apply as we have limited spaces. The form will be open until 27th February at midnight (CET) or until all the spaces are taken.

Update (26th february): Our call for applications is closed. If you submitted an application we will get back to you soon to confirm your registration.

Practical details

From 29th February to 23rd May 2024, you will participate in 11 sessions where you will learn about campaigning for peace, get insights on different issues, and explore different strategies to face and change today’s uncertain world.

Find a timetable including the date and time information for each session here.

  • The first nine online sessions will be run under three modules, “Campaigning against the militarisation of borders”, “Campaigning against arms trade”, and “Campaigning for climate justice: antimilitarist perspectives”.
  • Each module will be composed of three sessions each of which will be 90 minutes long, except the first one which will be 2 hours long.
  • After these 9 online sessions, we will have two closing sessions, the first of which will be a space to share your reflections and thoughts after the completion of the three modules.
  • The second closing session will be the space to discuss and share your final project (article/interview/podcast or a similar format that can be published on the WRI website).
  • There will be a break of one week between each module. 
  • The deadline for application is the 27th February 2024.
  • This first cycle will be held entirely in English. We are hoping to have an interpretation in other languages for future cycles.
  • If you attend 80% of the sessions, you will receive a participation certificate.
  • A more detailed programme including information on each session will soon be published on the WRI website. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the programme, registration or any other topic, please don't hesitate to write to us via with the subject title 'ACL Information'. 
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