Sign the petition: Grant refugee status to Russian asylum seekers in South Korea

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Source: World without War

Since last year, five men from Russia have been living at Incheon Airport in South Korea after fleeing Russia's military mobilization order. Since their arrival, they have been waiting for the Korean government to allow them to enter the country and apply for refugee status. 

Three of them took their cases to a South Korean court early this year and only two were granted the right to apply for refugee status and they will be allowed to enter the country. The situation of the others remains uncertain. 

As stated by the lawyer who is accompanying the cases of these conscientious objectors, the South Korean refugee laws don't consider avoiding or refusing conscription as a valid reason to seek asylum. 

World without War and the Refugee Human Rights Network have released a petition to support these Russian asylum seekers who refused to join the war, to be allowed to enter the country and grant them refugee status. You can sign the petition here. You can find the English translation at the end of the website. Use the translation option on your browser and follow the steps to sign the petition. 


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