Italian shotgun shells used against protesters in Iran


Warning: article contains injury detail some may find distressing.

An investigation by France24 has found evidence that shotgun cartridges manufactured in Italy and France by the company Cheddite have been used by Iranian security forces against protesters. The investigation found evidence of the use of the cartridges in cities across Iran, including Tehran, Yazd, Karaj, Rasht, Shiraz, and Mahabad.

The cartridges were originally manufactured for hunting purposes, and appear to have been exported first to Turkey and then to Iran. Turkey is not a member of the European Union and is not bound by the EU's export controls.

Cheddite has manufacturing facilities in France and Italy. The company produces empty shell cases with a metal base and primer, which is then sold to other companies who fill the case with an explosive powder and pellets.

The Guardian has shared details of the devastating injuries that have been experienced by protesters in Iran, including shotgun fire to women's breasts, genitals and faces. Amnesty International have said at least 13 people have been killed with shotguns in Iran since 16th September, and the wider death toll is in the hundreds.

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